Angry Birds 1

Destroy green pigs in this lightweight puzzle game

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    Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for the Apple iPhone, but now you can play it from the comfort of your Windows home computer by installing it through Pokki.

Angry Birds is one of the most successful smartphone-based video games to date. It has inspired numerous derivative games, books, toys and all sorts of merchandise, and it's easy to see why. It's a catapult game that has you launching birds via slingshot across a map to different stations full of pigs. The pigs lose health when they're hit with a bird, falling debris or if they're knocked to the ground, and the goal of each map is to destroy them all.

The game starts off simply, but you'll soon get a variety of bird types that each have their own special powers. Red Birds are the basic type. They don't have any special abilities but they're a great choice for killing an unguarded pig. Yellow birds will pick up speed after tapping them, and they're a great choice against the wood type boundary. Blue birds will split into three smaller birds, similar to shrapnel, and they're a great choice against glass boundaries. Black birds will explode after impact, which makes them a great choice against stone. White birds will drop an egg bomb that explodes, which makes them another great option against wood. A boomerang bird will come back when tapped. Big Brother bird is just a really powerful bird. He doesn't do anything special, but creates a lot of damage on impact. The pink bird makes bubbles that can lift objects up, like pigs and boundaries. Finally, the Eagle will come down like an airstrike after launching fish and destroy everything in the area.

In this classic game, there are 495 different levels to keep players occupied. Players must evolve their strategies and really think about the aspects of each different map to succeed. The levels are split up into different chunks of the main story. Upon starting the game, you'll learn that the evil pigs have stolen the birds' eggs and it's your job to help the birds get them back. The majority of the episodes revolve around the pigs stealing the eggs and being bested each and every time, but subsequent episodes include different themes.

Rovio Entertainment released the game back in late 2009 for the Apple iOS system. Luckily, with the Pokki application, players will be able to play it from the comfort of their Windows home computer. It's available for Windows XP/7, as well as Windows 8. It's a very easy program to download. Just hit "Download Pokki" and you'll be set to play games such as Angry Birds or many others.


  • Great game to play when you're bored or looking to kill time
  • Colorful, fun, cartoonish design, great for the whole family
  • Many levels, which means you'll be able to play for a long time


  • The game's been out for several years, so you might be behind the curve
  • The levels all feature the same slingshot device, which can seem somewhat repetitive

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